September 5, 2016

Bowling is not only an old past time, it also has health and developmental benefits for children and adults alike. When bowling, children are sub-consciously developing on important skills, all while keeping active and having fun.

During the economic downturn, a program called Kids Bowl Free was created to help ensure kids stay active while having a fun and safe summer vacation. Bowling alley operators across the United States stepped up and open their doors to children in their communities at no cost. Check out this clip featuring Kids Bowl Free program on NBC Nightly News.

So, why is bowling so great for kids? Bowling is a great opportunity for children to unplug from devices/technology and work on their motor and social skills. Keeping children active and stimulated during the summer is important in helping prevent childhood obesity and learning loss during summer break. In addition, bowling also provides children with these additional benefits:

  • Self-confidence- Children feel accomplished every they roll the ball down the lane. Whether with or without bumpers, children get an instant boost of self-confidence once the ball knocks down a pin.
  • Patience- Bowling helps teach kids the importance of being patient not only through waiting for their turn, but also while the pins are reset and the bowl is returned. Unlike most games kids play, bowling doesn’t necessarily provide instant gratification.
  • Sportsmanship- Good sportsmanship is an essential characteristic for children to learn. Encourage children to cheer other players on and talk to them about proper bowling etiquette.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination- Over time, children start to gain a sense of control and learn how to direct the ball according to their release. A bowling ball can be challenging for a little person to hold, but this will teach them how to stay balance, aimed and keep their eye on the target.

At Facenda Whitaker, we are proud to be a part of this amazing program again this summer. Until August 31, registered children under the age of 13 will receive 2 free games of bowling every day. This great offer is valued at over $500 per child! Click here to sign your child up today!


Have a happy and safe summer!

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