September 5, 2016

Although there is less sunlight during the winter, it doesn’t mean that your family has to hibernate until the spring arrives. Instead, take advantage of the winter months and colder weather by spending quality time as a family. When your children are on break from school avoid a house full of bored and bickering kids by occupying them with fun winter break activities. We’ve put together a list of winter activities that will keep your kids occupied and having fun both indoors and out.

  1. Board Game Tournament- Set up the ultimate board-game tournament and spend the day indoors competing for prizes.
  2. Have a Nostalgic Movie Marathon– Rent your favorite childhood movies and watch them with your kids. Another option for a movie marathon is have each family member pick his or her favorite movie to add to the marathon.
  3. Go Ice Skating- Take your kids ice-skating or teach them how to skate. Ice-skating at an outdoor rink is one of the best parts of winter.
  4. Play a Snow Sport– Put a new twist to your family’s favorite sport. Whether it’s soccer, football or baseball, playing in the snow will add a new level of excitement for everyone. Don’t forget to use a brightly colored ball, so you don’t loose it in the snow.
  5. Teach Your Kids to Sew or Knit- Learning how to knit or sew can be a fun creative pass time. Have your children make handmade winter gear like a scarf.
  6. Create a Scavenger Hunt- This activity can be done inside or out, either way its just as fun. Create a bunch of clues for your kids to follow to find treasure or have them set up their own scavenger hunt for each other.
  7. Make Snow Art- Freshly fallen snow is the perfect canvas for art. Mixing food coloring and water into a water bottle and begin painting a masterpiece.
  8. Do a Good Deed- Encourage your children to spend an entire day doing good deeds like walking around your neighborhood picking up trash, walking dogs at your local shelter or shoveling an elderly neighbors front walkway.
  9. Go Skiing or Snow Tubing– Hit the slopes with your kids. Depending on their experience and comfortably, go skiing or snow tubing.
  10. Host a Fondue Party- Your kids will love dipping everything in melted chocolate or melted cheese during a nice family dinner.
  11. Create a Family Time Capsule- Have your kids put their treasure mementos for example photos, ticket stubs or art projects into a shoebox. Bury your time capsule in your backyard or hide it somewhere in your house for years to come.
  12. Feed the Birds- Create a winter treat for your neighborhood birds. Attach a ribbon or yarn to the top of a pinecone. Then, use a knife to coat peanut butter evenly all over and in between the pinecone. Roll your peanut butter covered pinecone in birdseed until its fully coated. Hang your feeder on a branch in your backyard.
  13. Go on a Walking Tour of your Neighbors’ Holiday Lights- Spend the evening walking around your neighborhood marveling at the sparkling, flashing decorated lawns.
  14. Camp Out in Your Living Room- Although it may be too cold during the winter to pitch a tent and camp outside, it’s the perfect temperature to camp in your living room. Set up some sleeping bags, turn off the lights, use lanterns and prepare your best campfire stories.
  15. Go to a Family Fun Center- Family fun centers have activities that the whole family will enjoy. Instead of spending the day cooped up in your home, visit Facenda Whitaker Lanes. Facenda Whitaker provides entertainment and friendly family competition for kids during winter break. Make a day out of it with bowling, interactive games and low cost food and drinks.

Bowling Winter Activity

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