September 5, 2016

The movies, dinner, or meeting for a drink are all stereotypical, obvious first date venues, but why not impress your date by doing something a little more exciting. If you’re going out with somebody special, make the first date special as well. It’s important to come up with a fun and creative idea for your first date. You don’t need to break the bank wine and dining your date, often dates on a budget end up being more fun and build a stronger connection. Bowling is the perfect idea for a first date because its fun, exciting and can help you break out of your comfort zone without feeling uncomfortable.

  1. Bowling is Active

Bowling is a better alternative than a sitting down at a restaurant or bar, because you get to move around. An active first date will help you both be more comfortable, which will help the conversation flow easily. When you’re not attention isn’t fixated on the eliminating any awkward lulls in conversation, you are able to create a connection.

  1. Facenda Whitaker is Safe

When you’re in a bowling alley, you’re more likely to be surrounded by enough people to take the edge off any nerve. You know there are enough people around in case the date goes sour. There’s usually noise in a bowling alley to break the ice in case of any awkward silences and enough conversations going on to fill any temporary voids.

  1. Bowling Won’t Break the Bank

The combination of a nice dinner and movie tickets for two people roughly can cost you $100. Instead of breaking the bank, take your date to Facenda Whitaker, where you can enjoy bowling with dinner for a whole lot less!

  1. Bowling Gets the Competitive Juices Flowing!

Bowling can be a great exhibition of character. You can make sure the person you are on a date with has a great sense of humor, good sportsmanship, and the ability to be supportive and patient.

  1. There is a Fun Challenge Involved

Maybe after this date, you decide you’re ready for a sit down dinner, we suggest some place casual and also fun, like Steppy’s Sports Grill and Bar. Or maybe the two of you decide to join the same bowling league; either way the two of you had an opportunity to do something fun on your first date…which may lead to another!

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