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With any sport or game, proper etiquette and sportsmanship is important during both practice and competition. Bowling etiquette is quite simple, be respectful to the other bowlers as well as the game being played. Both serious and recreational bowlers should always use bowling etiquette. While common sense and courtesy will cover most aspects of bowling etiquette, we’ve put together basic tips to help make bowling more enjoyable for yourself and those around you.

  • Unless it’s your turn to bowl, stay off of the approach so you don’t interfere with bowlers on either side of your lane. Be sure to never walk onto another lane.

Bowling Etiquette

  • Always wear bowling shoes when bowling. Without the proper shoes, you are putting yourself at risk of falling. Make sure your shoes are free of oil or debris to avoid tracking moisture onto the approach.
  • Be attentive and ready to bowl when it’s your turn. Distractions and waiting on bowlers to return from bathroom trips, snack break, talking, etc. can take away from the fun of bowling and flow of the game.
  • Keep all food and drinks away from the approach. Food crumbs or spilled drinks will put bowlers at risk of falling.
  • Similar to the rules of the road, the bowler to the right hand side always has the right of way to bowl first. However, it’s still important to look both left and right before bowling, so you don’t interfere with another bowler.
  • Once your ball hits the pins return to your seat so bowlers in other lanes can take the approach.
  • Respect other bowlers while they are preparing to bowl and refrain from making any movements or noises that could be a distraction. Likewise, never pick up your ball from the return rack while a bowler in your lane is in their starting position.
  • While a bad throw maybe frustrating, try and control your emotions and language out of respect towards other bowlers.


Most importantly, be courteous towards other and have fun! Bowling is a fun sport for people of all ages, no matter what your skill level may be.