September 5, 2016

Team-building activities help build trust and relationship between members of a team, which is a critical component to a business or organization’s success. Getting to know your fellow teammates will help increases productivity from learning to work as a team. Whether you are trying to build trust between students, co-workers or family members, team-building activities like sports or games can help develop relationships.

Bowling makes for a great team-building activity because it provides positive reinforcement of teamwork while developing inter-personal relationships. Although bowling is normally viewed a singles sport, it’s more common for bowling to be enjoyed as a team. Bowling is the perfect activity to learn and grow within a team.

Each team will have to work together in order to succeed. To ensure that your people get the most out of the activity, it’s best to assign the teams beforehand. Be sure to create the teams with a plan or goal in mind. For example, teams could be exclusive to certain departments to help strengthen teamwork within the group or you could also intermix departments to build relationships amongst members that wouldn’t be fostered as easily within in the workplace.

You should also try and balance the teams. For example, you should evenly distribute athletes versus non-athletes amongst the team or evenly distribute team members with bowling abilities. This way the athletes or team members with bowling experience can help their teammates, which is what team building exercises are all about.

A bowling based team- building activity is a great choice for building trust and relationship for your people. Bowling provides a positive reinforcement of teamwork and helps create interpersonal relationships that will help in the workplace.


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